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Epidemic situation forces " old Europe " Mo Zai of









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After the miserable intense epidemic situation that passed nearly two months, european circumstance enters the phase that drops smoothly gradually nowadays. Italy and Spanish leader announced respectively a few days ago, will be at the beginning of May progressively solution is sealed, the company that lets break down be able to practice, let economy get resumptive. But seal in solution still emphasize at the same time must careful. So, make to this European the epidemic situation that remember to the end of one's life, what should we review?
"Old Europe " with new crisis
New coronal is pneumonic epidemic situation shook European basis, so that people begins afresh,discuss the meaning that the European Union exists. The mortality that the reason is the person that Europe is affected and transmission rate are gotten higher than anticipating much, especially Italy and Spain. Europe develops with civilization all the time, top-ranking medical treatment level and establishment are celebrated, but the data that guards an organization to offer according to the world, europe is compared to want before this by mortality of the China of epidemic situation indulge in wilful persecution, Korea and virus transmission speed low much. In addition, in Spain and Italy, have infection of more than 10 thousand medical personnel. This explains goods and materials of local medical treatment shorts badly, even if well-trained medical personnel also did not get protective.
Of course, in globalization avoiding craze today is impossible, although we ever had valuable preparative time, in order to reduce virus the serious harm to people health and national economy, but the alarm that our government transmits to east takes seriously without what cause enough height.
I think, this as incommensurate as Europe new case is concerned. We still press stager judgement, think virus leaves him very far, our medical treatment system is very powerful. What we underestimated new coronal virus and virus of the SARS 17 years ago is different with new change. The person that we did not have a symptom considering new coronal virus exceeds strong contagion ability, this let us pay enormous price. With Spain for, the government approved 38 women's right to parade greatly even during epidemic situation.
Till March first, the European Union still did not give take seriously. European Union interior eachs does things in his own way, each does what he thinks is right, how to answer new coronal virus jointly without the consideration. And, in those days of European each country prevent accuse measure to be in fulfil went up to still call a discount. Although England wants Europe, but in this hard hour it should be strengthened and the collaboration of the European Union answers new coronal virus jointly, regrettablly London was not done so.
Europe has experienced the crisis 4 times now: Balkan war (crisis of 1991) , banking (crisis of 2008) , Mediterranean refugee (2015) and present new coronal epidemic situation. Did the European Union rise jointly in these 4 crises? I think. Face the next time the crisis (the expert thinks to will accompany very serious economic depression) subsequently, the European Union should be revealed more go out to be mixed adroitly solidarity.
Slow rhythm and comfortable area
European to great majority for, the world has two shares only: Europe and blame Europe. As a result of advantaged geographical condition and the economic culture that develop, european begin gutty and superior move from colonial times, advocate free, be used to leisurely and comfortable life. If European need not old views him look upon of colonial times is mixed the world, realise Europe is the world only objectively among them one part, europe will be a lot of faster than present development.
Live in big hubble-bubble like us, in believing firmly oneself are in the environment that gets protection. Furthermore domain of European concerned pharmacy and the code with safe provision ask very strict, our apt is so carefree desultorily lives. But, this does not mean the thing that we need not produce outside the churchyard side attention, especially now. New coronal epidemic situation says those who understand our structure is flimsy: The caution reputation that comes from an Asia is bigger, europe exceeds the risk of virus of ignored new coronal. In Spain, first dead case of illness appeared on Feburary 13, and door of Ministry of Public Health just affirmed this matter on March 3. In two many weeks, our each respect a become silent.
After epidemic situation ends, europe cannot continue this kind carefree, slowly lifestyle, must mature rise. Individual behavior must be in charge of to oneself and collective, will not answer present challenge otherwise. When we do not like reality, escape cannot solve a problem, we must face up to it. So house home is banned during epidemic situation of demand of government office of be in power sufficient, we should understand this is to live battle.
Objective for, although I had told the horror of new coronal virus before my Asian friend, but it is too strange to me to ban ample practice for long, the feeling cannot understand, but I know to ban sufficient import now. What there also is a hope in tragedy is smooth. We also see, in all sorts of disorders, a lot of citizens and company organization rise to save oneself actively. "Maker of coronal shape virus " the plan is in Spanish well known, 13000 volunteers use 3D printer, make medical treatment things freely offer a citizen. Their behavior showed the brilliance of adversity go-between sex.
In-house contradiction needs to dissolve
As a meridional, I think the European Union ever was a dream that accompanying a hope. Because in Europe, north Europe and meridional combination are the first time on European mordern history, the contradiction that this brings to settle world war twice offerred an absolutely good opportunity, also pointed out the road of a prosperity that is full of a hope to Europe. But dramatist of Spain of no less than Peideluo Kaerdelong's logion, "The dream just dreams " .
The construction of the European Union did not eliminate member country between original bias. England takes off the combination before the European Union after Europe already was broken, should reconsider next development. I hold with boreal Europe country to ask meridional country should more the expenditure that uses oneself reasonably, but boreal Europe should control his to feel primely, rich boreal Europe does not forget him to be in euro system benefit is maximum. Have the advantage of country of member of just look upon only, european Union ability rises jointly truly.
Before this, european parliament rejected meridional country to put forward " new coronal bond " and partake jointly of the charge that fight epidemic disease offer, most those who let us get hurt is them rejection way is very callous. The decline resolute and decisive of Lv Te of · of Holand premier mark, wopuke Huokesitela of Holand finance minister suggests why investigation has some of country to answer epidemic situation without the budget. This kind of attitude can increase meridional country people to feel disgusted to theirs only. Actually, although be European country, those who stem from culture and viewpoint of value to go up is different, face epidemic situation to answer the ethical question in taking step, meridional the practice with boreal Europe is disparate. Right " group immunity " different attitude, just mirrorred this.
In addition, from the point of meridional angle, if the flow of things of patient, medical treatment and capital is transparent,mix of same standard, the efficiency fighting epidemic disease of the European Union will rise greatly. In other words, the possibility that the person that affect lives does not depend on they are in which country. Need branch of the wholesome branch of integrated and different country and economy for this. Of course, europe is centralized it is not actual, but do not fight epidemic disease circumstance to be met only hand in hand more flooey. European country wants to restore as soon as possible after epidemic situation, the European Union wants to move toward long-term, we must give up a few long-standing " old trouble " . (Is the author Spanish writer Qiao Erhao? Agudeluo, the article is translated by Liu Mei)

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